Gym Wipes by 2XL Corp.

UK & Ireland Distributor - Gym Wipes

Made in the U.S.A Gym Wipes products are the original, specially formulated, industry compliant solution to remove sweat, grime and germs without harming fitness equipment. This includes all LCD & LED touch screens and other high usage areas on gym equipment.

The User’s Experience - Gym Wipes has also been tested among fitness users to create a product with the ideal functionality and effectiveness. In addition, clients appreciate the engineering and input utilized in the development of Gym Wipes.

Training Wall

Exclusive UK & Ireland Distributor - Training Wall

Designed and engineered in Barcelona, the Training Wall® is a versatile piece of fitness equipment, offering an innovative range accessories and endless potential. A vast range of tools are available to explore all areas of functional training, ranging from the more popular attachments to exercise specific accessories. Because of its versatility, the Training Wall is ideal for bodyweight, resistance and flexibility training for a wide range of individuals and ability levels.

Training Wall® panels have a quick release anchor system to accommodate the many functional attachments which are designed exclusively for use with the wall.

With this unique system and you have a piece of equipment that meets all your functional training needs in "ZERO" square meters, allowing you to design multi-purpose training areas.

SYMAGRIPS - Symmetry, Hygiene, Technique

International Distributor - SYMAGRIPS

Grip stability and hand placement are crucial factors of effective exercise form. SYMAGRIPS® optimises both with the combination of the highest quality rubber and SteriTouch® technology to keep your hands dry and your grip secure.

SYMAGRIPS® are the most versatile grip on the market, with fast and secure attachments to both home and commercial barbells and equipment, providing a superior grip to every exercise possible.


Exclusive UK & Ireland Distributor - NuFit

NuFit are a team of researchers, athletes, physicians, and fitness pioneers committed to improving the way you train. NuFit has reshaped personal fitness equipment for the 21st Century. Our innovative product line was created to allow the body to move more naturally, compelling you to work more efficiently, while also helping to reduce common training injuries which come as a result of using more traditional equipment.

The NuFit team understands only you can achieve your goals and that it’s your countless hours of training and persistence which propels you across the finish line - our single desire is to provide you with the next generation of fitness innovation so that you may excel at any level you choose.

"Providing Fitness Innovation For The 21st Century"